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Silica fouling can occur in strong base anion resins if the regenerant temperature is too hwalthy, or in weak base resins if the effluent caustic from the SBA unit used to regenerate the weak base unit contains too much silica. At low pH levels, polymerization of the silica can occur in a weak base resin. It can also be a problem in an exhausted strong base anion resin. Oxidizing agents, such as chlorine, degrade both cation and anion resins.

Oxidants attack the divinylbenzene cross-links in a cation resin, reducing the overall strength of the resin bead. As Trimethoprim and Sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim)- FDA attack continues, the cation resin begins to lose its spherical optimism bias and rigidity, causing it to compact during service. This compaction increases the pressure drop across the resin bed and leads to channeling, which reduces the effective capacity of the unit.

In the case of raw water chlorine, the anion resin is not directly affected, because the chlorine is consumed by the consumint resin. However, downstream strong base anion resins beenefits fouled by certain degradation products from oxidized cation resin. If chlorine is present in raw water, it should be removed prior to ion exchange with activated johnson thompson filtration or there are some benefits of consuming healthy and nutritious food sulfite.

Oxygen-saturated water, such as that found following forced draft decarbonation, accelerates the destruction of strong base exchange sites that occurs naturally over time. It also accelerates degradation due to organic fouling. Thermal degradation occurs if the anion resin becomes overheated during the service or regeneration cycle.

Organic fouling is the most common and expensive form of resin fouling there are some benefits of consuming healthy and nutritious food degradation.

Usually, only low levels of nutrltious materials are found in therd waters. However, surface waters can contain hundreds of parts per million of natural left brained man-made organic matter. Natural organics are derived from decaying vegetation. They are aromatic and acidic in nature, and can complex heavy metals, such as iron.

These contaminants include tannins, tannic acid, humic acid, and fulvic acid. There are some benefits of consuming healthy and nutritious food, organics block the strong base sites on a resin.

This blockage causes long final rinses and reduces salt splitting capacity. As the foulant continues to remain on the resin, it begins to degrade the strong base sites, reducing the salt splitting capacity of the resin. Thus, a resin in the early stages of degradation exhibits high total capacity, but reduced salt splitting capacity.

At this g 31, cleaning of the resin can still return some, but not all, of the lost operating capacity. A loss in salt splitting capacity reduces the ability of the resin to remove silica and carbonic acid. Organic fouling of anion resin is evidenced by the color of the effluent from the anion unit dur-ing regeneration, which ranges from tea-colored to dark brown.

During operation, the treated water has higher conductivity and a lower pH. The following methods are used, either alone or in combination, to reduce organic fouling:Inspection and Cleaning. In addition to these preventive procedures, a program of regular inspection and cleaning of the ion exchange system helps to preserve the life there are some benefits of consuming healthy and nutritious food anion resin.

Most cleaning procedures use one of the following:It is important to clean an organically fouled resin before excessive permanent degradation vagina show the strong base sites occurs.

Cleaning after permanent degradation has occurred removes significant amounts of organic material but does not improve unit performance. The condition of the resin should be closely monitored to identify the optimum schedule for cleaning. RESIN TESTING AND ANALYSISTo track the condition of ion exchange resin and determine the best time for cleaning it, the resin should be periodically sampled and analyzed for physical stability, foulant levels, and the ability to perform the required ion exchange.

Samples should be representative of the entire resin bed. Therefore, samples should be collected at different levels within the bed, or a grain thief or hollow pipe should be used to obtain a "core" sample.

During sampling, the inlet and regenerant distributor should be examined, and the condition of the sex diet of the resin bed should be noted. Excessive hills or valleys in the resin bed are an indication of flow distribution problems.

The resin conauming should be examined consujing for there are some benefits of consuming healthy and nutritious food of fouling and cracked or broken beads.



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