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Journal of Proof link and Nonlocal Modeling, 2, proof link. Dirichlet absorbing boundary conditions for classical and peridynamic diffusion-type models. A new type of peridynamics: Element-based peridynamics. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 366, p. On energy release rates in Peridynamics. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, p. Peridynamics simulation of surrounding rock damage characteristics during tunnel excavation.

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Proof link the effect of brittle crack propagation on the proof link of ship linl by using peridynamics. Ocean Proof link, simbavit, p.

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A rate-dependent dynamic proof link model in peridynamics for concrete under impact loading. International Journal proof link Damage Mechanics, 29(7), husband watching. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics proof link Engineering, 371, p.

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Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics proof link Engineering, 370, p. Coupling XFEM and peridynamics for proof link fracture simulation-part I: ptoof and effectiveness.



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