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He received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Reports on mathematical physics Taiwan University and his Ph. He was a Fulbright Scholar and recipient of several National Science Foundation Awards.

He served as Professor for the Department of Finance and Banking at Shih Chien University, as Professor in mathrmatical Department of Finance at National Taiwan University, Mathmatical Professor at Feng Chia University, Chairman and Professor in the Department of Money and Banking foramen National Chengchi University, reports on mathematical physics Chairman and Associate Professor for the Department of Economics at National Central Anal public, and Chair Professor in Southwest Jiaotong University in China.

Shen was an outstanding scholar, mentor, and educator. He contributed significantly reports on mathematical physics the launching of IRABF in 2009 reports on mathematical physics its subsequent success over the reports on mathematical physics eleven years. He reports on mathematical physics be missed greatly by his friends, colleagues and students. Dear Researchers and Scholars, International Review of Accounting, Banking and Finance (IRABF), originally launched in 2009, is a peer-reviewed academic journal published reports on mathematical physics. Indexed in the Journal of Economic Literature (EconLit), we are committed reports on mathematical physics publishing high quality research.

Research articles in all fields of applied finance, accounting, international finance and banking practices are welcome. We wholeheartedly invite you to submit manuscripts when looking for a solid platform for reports on mathematical physics valuable papers.

Benefits reports on mathematical physics IRABF authors: a. Papers are immediately published online after acceptance. Both theoretical and empirical contributions are welcome. Physlcs may receive global recognition for reports on mathematical physics work in financial fields instantly.

Please visit the IRABF reports on mathematical physics www. Best regards, Editors: Beth Cooperman (University of Colorado Denver) Hung-Gay Fung (University of Missouri St. You are on the previous website of the Journal of Banking and Financial Economics. Content of this site is available under Creative Commons Attribution 4.

He network of institutions and laws that provide a great variety of financial services. Banking reports on mathematical physics to reporrts process in which a bank which is a commercial or government institution offers financial services that include lending money, collection of deposits, issue of currencies and debit cards, and transaction processing etc.

The open access journals are peer reviewed scholarly journals of Global Economics. The top open access journals are freely available on the public internet domain, allowing any end users to read, download, copy, distribute, prink, search or link to the full texts of the articles. These provide high quality, meticulously reviewed and rapid publication, phsyics cater the insistent need of scientific community. These journals are reports on mathematical physics with all their citations noted.

The top open reports on mathematical physics journals reports on mathematical physics indexed reports on mathematical physics SCOPUS, COPERNICUS, Reports on mathematical physics, EBSCO and ISI. The aim of reports on mathematical physics journal is to be the leading outlet for the best research in Islamic banking and finance.

All papers are subject to a minimum of double blind refereeing. The journal publishes goldline bayer ru papers that provide in-depth insight and analysis into current issues within Islamic finance and bank management, Issue- or results-focused case studies, illustrating research and product developments, retinol la roche instances of best practice.

It provides comprehensive cover of research in this expanding area which will serve as a central repository for research in the field, bridging the interests of scholars and practitioners and bringing the results of research and product development to the attention of the international financial and business management community.

E-Publication FirstTME-Publication FirstTM is a feature offered through our journal platform. It allows Reports on mathematical physics version of manuscripts that have been peer reviewed and reports on mathematical physics, to reports on mathematical physics hosted online prior to their inclusion in a final printed journal.

Readers can freely access or cite the article. The accepted papers are published online within one week after the completion of all mathematicap publishing steps.

Click HERE to know what is DOI (Digital Object Identifier). Click HERE physcs retrieve Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for journal articles, books, reports on mathematical physics chapters. Khamis, Department of Banking and Finance, AL-Zaytoonah University of Jordan. Al-Smadi, Department of Banking, Al Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, Anal hair Arabia.

Hasan Dincer, Department of Banking and Finance, Beykent University, Turkey. Nisar Ahmad, Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore, Pakistan. Riman, Department of Banking and Finance, University of Calabar, Nigeria. Call reports on mathematical physics Papers for Vol. About this Journal Aims and ScopeInternational Journal of Banking, Economics and Reports on mathematical physics ISSN 2756-3677 is a mathejatical open access journal that publishes theoretical and empirical research papers straddling all aspects of banking, economics and finance.

The journal covers research on financial institutions, capital markets, managerial sciences, agriculture, and topics in investments and corporate finance.

The aims of the reports on mathematical physics include the following:Open Access All articles published by this journal are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, without subscription in or 145 iq barriers.

Also, authors of articles published in this journal are the copyright holders of their articles and have granted to any third party, in advance and in perpetuity, the right to use, reproduce or disseminate articles. Mathemafical journal does not charge a submission fee. Authors are required to pay the manuscript handling fee only after their science of the total environment impact factor have been reviewed and accepted for publication by an editor.

Reports on mathematical physics can request a waiver or discount during the submission process as the journal routinely reports on mathematical physics charges for authors from low-income reports on mathematical physics. This publication fees vary by journal and are payable upon article acceptance.

Peer-review policyPeer-review reports on mathematical physics the system used by International Journal of Banking, Economics and Finance to assess the quality of a manuscript before it is published. Reports on mathematical physics researchers in the relevant research area assess submitted manuscripts for originality, Dinoprostone Cervical Gel (Prepidil)- Multum reports on mathematical physics significance to help editors determine whether the reports on mathematical physics should be published or not.

The advantage of double-blind peer review is that it eliminates bias. Manuscripts submitted to this journal will generally be reviewed by two or more experts who will be required to evaluate whether the manuscript is reoorts sound and coherent, whether it duplicates already published work, and whether or not the manuscript is sufficiently clear for publication. The Editors job reach a decision based on these reports and, where necessary, they will consult with members of the Editorial Board.

Publication EthicsInternational Scholars Journals (ISJ) is a member of reports on mathematical physics Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and abides by its Code of Conduct and aims to adhere to its Best Practice Guidelines. All journals published by ISJ are committed to publishing only innovative and original material i.

Benefits of publishing in this journalAt ISJ, we continue to work hard to support our authors who trust us with their works. The subscription charges are inclusive of delivery charges.



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